HomeSpun Handmades
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HomeSpun Handmades

HomeSpun Handmades is independently owned and operated by Avril. It began as a hobby, with simple doilies and no patterns.  The product line would later include more elaborate items which followed printed patterns. A special interest in making baby blankets and traditional afghans for the home later evolved.  The continuous positive feedback resulted in yet another creation - HomeSpun Handmades©!

Avril enjoys writing, and even has a blogging home at Life As An Art Form.  She has a voracious appetite for intelligible writing and storytelling, takes delight in community organizing, and raising social awareness on many levels.  The name 'HomeSpun' was inspired in part by J. California Cooper, who has a knack for spinning great stories.  Her stories effortlessly lend an everyday feel, comfort, and relatability.  The word 'Handmades' obviously describes the way in which the products come to life. Each one tells a story, ultimately capturing the response, environment, emotion, aura, or motivation of either the crafter or the recipient. Like a good story, it is my hope that these handmades will be passed down and become part of your family heritage over time.

Most of the selections in the product portfolio were made using widely available, blended yarns.  Products are made from existing or new patterns, or customized at the request of the individual. Last, but not least, they are crafted with care, precision, love, and attention to detail, such as color selection, finishing, and presentation. The final package is well worth the time and care put into your handmade selection!